GOOD NEWS! NDDC Is Accepting Proposals From Training / Skills Development Firms For Some Of The NDDC Skill Acquisition Programmes

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The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in furtherance of its mandate on Human Capital Development intends to embark on Skills Acquisition and Employment generation training programmes for the youths and women of the Niger Delta Region. Specifically, the Commission is requesting for proposals from reputable and competent Training / Skills Development Firms for some of the NDDC Skill Acquisition programmes.


The Commission is requesting for detailed proposals in the following Skills Areas:
(1) Welding & Fabrication

(2) Furniture Making & Woodwork

(3) Catering & Confectionary

(4) Food Processing

(5) Home Management (Tie & Dye)

(6) Modern Printing Technology

(7) Fashion Design &Tailoring

(8) Computer Technology / Programming (middle & high levels)

(9) Entertainment Industry

(10) Solar Power Maintenance

(11) Maritime Technology

(12) Entrepreneurship Development.


Interested and qualified consultants, who wish to submit their proposals, should provide the following documents (with relevant evidence):

(1) Certificate of Registration of Company in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association and form C07 showing the list of Directors and number of shares each has subscribed to;

(2) Evidence of Registration as Human Development Consultants and Service Providers with relevant agencies;

(3) Company profile showing organizational structure and resume of relevant key professional staff (including their professional and technical qualifications) that will carry out the training;

(4) Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the past three (3) years;

(5) A verifiable evidence of VAT registration;

(6) Documented evidence of financial capability of the company;

(7) Location/Address of the Head office and other offices of the company;

(8) A detailed Proposal of the Skills Area that your Company wants to handle for the Commission, showing

(a) The type of Training
(b) Curriculum
(c) Strategy for delivery
(d) Evidence of similar training done
(e) The Faculty, including CVs
(f) Entrepreneurial Development Capabilities
(g) Training Facilities.
(9) Evidence of Relationship / Interface with Employers of Labour in the relevant Industry will be an advantage; and
(10) Telephone numbers, websites and e-mail of the company plus details of contact persons.


Consultants are expected to fully comply with the above requirements, as failure to do so may weaken the consultant’s case. Consultants are to also submit only genuine and verifiable documents, as Consultants’ submission of fake or fraudulently obtained documents would disqualify their proposal, and the attention of relevant security agencies invited, where necessary. All submissions would be evaluated on the basis of documents submitted and selection would be based on a series of factors including consultant’s competence and track record.


• The analysis of the proposals and selection of consultants will follow the provisions laid out in the Public Procurement Act, 2007 for this category/threshold of project;

• Only consultants that have substantially fulfilled the above stated conditions shall be given the tender documents to tender for the project;

• Consultants can seek clarification or request for additional information by writing officially to the officer listed below before the deadline for the submission of the tender document;

• Consultants are advised not to try to influence the selection process as this would lead to immediate disqualification of the consultant and they may also be barred from seeking other contract opportunities from the Commission; All cost incurred by any consultant in the preparation of these documents are to be borne entirely by the consultant; and NDDC reserves the right to reject any or all submissions or to terminate the entire selection process at any time without any liability to the Commission.


Proposals, written in English Language, should be submitted in sealed envelopes marked with the appropriate Skills Area selected on the top left corner and address to:

The Director,
Directorate of Commercial & Industrial Development,
Niger Delia Development Commission,
167 Aba Road, Port Harcourt.

The Proposals must be submitted at the above address not later than 4pm, Monday 21st March, 2017.




The Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Mr. Nsima Ekere & the United Nations (U.N) Deputy Secretary General, Hajia Amina Mohammed after their meeting at the United Nations headquarters, New York.

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One thought on “GOOD NEWS! NDDC Is Accepting Proposals From Training / Skills Development Firms For Some Of The NDDC Skill Acquisition Programmes”



    IT Cymbals Ltd is a computer training firm specializes in schools and Rural ICT training projects.
    We are soliciting, partnership and Collaboration with your Organization to reach the rural dwellers with ICT Training needed for their social and economic growth.

    We believed that your Organization is the right patriotic and influential one that is known for bridging the socio-economic gap between the rural dwellers and their counterparts in the urban areas.

    Huge human capital needed to drive our economy is lying fallow in the rural areas due to IT illiteracy. We are engaging the rural communities with ICT training program to activate this human capital needed for the economic change.

    We support rural dwellers to build their ICT related business in the villages, liberate their potentials and create computer related jobs for self reliance.

    In these lights, IT Cymbals Ltd is seeking your Organization partnership in providing need funding for this rural ICT training in any community of your choice in Nigeria. While IT Cymbals ltd will organize and facilitate the training on behalf of your organization. The publicity will be done in the name of sponsors. Attached here is our proposal.

    We will provide all the facilities for the training including upward of 100 sets of laptop computers, training personnel, power, and curriculum. The training will be for an agreed number of months in a community while you sponsor the project.

    We Trust, your organization will appreciate this concerted effort to liberate potentials of fellow Nigerians in the rural villages.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Ngozi Eche-Nduka (Mrs)

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