Why We Publish SMEonline

Startups, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners constitute a fast growing segment in our business ecosystem. They are continually advised to be passionate, to live the lives that they dream of as they chart a new course in Entrepreneurship.

With passion comes purpose, with purpose comes responsibility. Having found their passion, our budding entrepreneurs realise that Entrepreneurship is not for the unprepared and needs more than passion. It needs critical skills. It dawns on these enthusiastic entrepreneurs that they sorely need to understand and apply key business principles as they structure, staff, nurture, fund and scale their enterprises; that they need knowledge and training on how to create unique products and services that meet the needs of their markets; that they need to understand the language of business, like cost structure, cash burn rate, price-volume mix, gross margins, supply chain, etc.

The freshly-minted business man or woman suddenly awakes to a new reality, that, to start, run and grow a company, he or she needs a well-defined business model. He or she must ask, and seek answers to, questions like:

What product or service do I plan to offer? How would I differentiate my product or service from those of the competition? Have I identified my target customer base? Who and where is my addressable market? What are the most cost effective channels to reach them? Do I have a plan to generate sales? Why do they want or need my product or service?  How would I handle production and how would I scale my business? How would I enter the market with a unique value proposition and build a sustainable business?

SMEonline strives to help Startups and Small Businesses find answers to these kinds of questions, and help Business Owners to bridge the gap between their passion for business, and the knowledge, skills and resources that they critically needed for business success.

To learn, earn and profit. That is our promise to the Entrepreneurial class!